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You Are a Competitive Networker

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If you are more into reading, here is a full transcript of what I need to tell you.

Your superpower is what I call the competitive personality type also known as the Type A personality your a great analyst and you love to compete.

Some famous people that have this similar personality include Elon Musk,  Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerber, Tom Hanks, Celine Dillon

What this means is that you are a fast and logical decision maker.

You have the ability to take in a lot of information quickly, analyze things, and make rapid and bold decisions.

You like to take big risks in life. In your opinion, life isn’t worth  doing unless you go all in and live it to its fullest.

You love to set impossible goals for yourself and then amaze others - including yourself - when you achieve them.

This is the rarest of the Influencer Superpowers out there, but most of the world’s business owners and top executives share this personality.

And here is what this means for you in terms of building the life that you deserve.

You are a natural leader. People are drawn to follow people with your personality type.

And this means that you will inspire people to work towards big goals.

First, because you set the example with your tireless work ethic.

But also, people just know that you are going to be successful in everything that you do.

Now one of the downsides to your personality is that you may sometimes have a hard time understanding what other people are going through.

Because you are so hard on yourself, and push yourself so much, you can tend to also be hard on other people and push them too.

Now imagine if you could get that competitive advantage and work with myself and a group of people with similar goals, and who can actually keep up with you and some more?

That is exactly the type of people that I love to work with - we all have our different personality types and strengths - and similar to yourself wanting to take that lead but using my more predominant natural strength which is a Humanistic Superpower approach- which means I love connecting with and understanding people especially those wanting more..

This is why I would love to help you as you and I are flip sides of the same coin - I naturally connect with and understand people to bring out the best in them especially online.

And you naturally bring out the best in people with your tireless work ethic, big dreams, and relentlessly example of what it means to go big in life.

And that is the power of a team, a group of people who all operate at the highest levels. We are at our best when we have a group of people who have different personalities and strengths, but the same big goals in life.

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