All humans are alkaline by design, however acidic by our functions, whether it´s eating, breathing, thinking etc. The items that we are consuming today are very acidic – fast foods, carbonated drinks, coffees, ready meals…the list goes on. This results in transforming our bodies from Alkaline to Acid, going against our fundamental design.

Unfortunately, most people do not take concern with their ´inner PH level´, until we are no longer able to disperse the flurry of ´acidic rain´ entering our body. Poor diets, an ever decreasing air quality, the stresses of life, all contribute to the decline of our alkaline reserves.

So how do we reverse this process?

1)     Target your acidic hot-spots – what is causing your incoming acid?

2)    Create a plan to reduce the acid entering your system – one that is realistic and manageable in everyday life.

3)     Work on fundamental changes to enhance your alkalinity.

It´s all about Perspective

Many of us have heard the phrase “You are what you eat” but do not take it into our conscious and truly understand it.  The perspective that food and drink is ONLY fuel and hydration is wrong. Our body´s maintenance and healing comes directly from what we ingest. Our natural functions are being suppressed by the wrong types of fuel.  After all you wouldn´t put petrol in a diesel engine and NOT expect dire consequences.  Once you understand this, you will realise that the type of food that you ingest is key to how well your body will operate. Small changes really do make the biggest difference, so long as you understand importance of WHY the change matters.

We all have control over our own PH measurement. Testing your body fluid with a simple PH Test Strips is an easy and cost-effective way to measure your acidity/alkalinity.


Optimal health is achieved when our blood, tissues and internal fluids are PH neutral. This way our bodies are nourished, hydrated and able to rid themselves of wastes and toxins.


Cause and Effect

Many people face the day-to-day struggle of feeling sick, fatigued, and even depressed. They experience weight issues and face varying degrees of health issues. If you do not, you will certainly know people that do. Unfortunately it is all around us, and the common denominators are degraded food, water and air.

The great news is that we can control our own personal environments, adapt them for the better and these small changes will make a huge difference in everyday life.

We need to learn to listen to our bodies. We need to have enough alkalinity to neutralize incoming acids and also the acids our bodies naturally create. The true effect of this will be realised when we face an “Acid Rainstorm” such as a divorce, accident or any other sudden stressful event.

A lack of nutritious food, pure water and essential vitamins & minerals, are the catalysts causing our bodies to be too acidic – it is simple cause and effect.